Beyond Beauty With Nik Toth

31: Unlocking the Power of the Womb Healing And Sacred Body Work | Joy Maziar

November 28, 2023 Nik Toth Season 1 Episode 31
Beyond Beauty With Nik Toth
31: Unlocking the Power of the Womb Healing And Sacred Body Work | Joy Maziar
Show Notes

This episode of the Beyond Beauty podcast welcomes special guest Joy Maziar, a multi-dimensional healer, and an expert in womb healing and integrative somatic healing with over 18 years of experience in the field. Joy shares the importance of reconnecting with our bodies, specifically the womb, to achieve better overall well-being. 

She also shares her deep understanding of the womb as the center of a woman's belief system and energy, holding imprints and traumas requiring liberation. She offers insights into different techniques such as yoni steaming, de-armoring of the womb, and Mayan abdominal massage. 

This exciting episode unpacks the potential of bodywork, inner guidance process, and trauma renegotiation towards cultivating new relationships and relationship with the self, as well as releasing fears. Joy also shares easy steps for women to begin the journey of connecting with their wombs.

01:43 Understanding Beauty and Abundance

03:13 Exploring Womb Healing and Body Work

06:57 The Importance of Womb Healing

08:36 The Role of Society in Womb Connection

09:18 The Power of Womb Healing

10:02 Personal Experiences with Body Healing

15:29 The Impact of Past Traumas on Healing

18:59 The Role of Yoni Massage in Womb Healing

23:13 Understanding the Connection Between Tightness and Pleasure

27:59 Simple Steps to Start Your Womb Healing Journey

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