Beyond Beauty With Nik Toth

16: Radiant Skin From Within And Tools To Transform Adult Acne

May 02, 2023 Nik Toth Season 1 Episode 16
Beyond Beauty With Nik Toth
16: Radiant Skin From Within And Tools To Transform Adult Acne
Show Notes

Get ready to glow, because in this episode we're talking all things skincare! 

And we'll tackle one of the most common adult skin concerns, acne.

Amie Skilton, a naturopath, herbalist, nutritionist, beauty therapist, Reiki master, and life coach, will share her top tips and strategies for developing a personalized skincare routine that will help clear up breakouts and prevent future flare-ups. From understanding the root causes of acne to exploring the lifestyle choices that impact skin health, we've got everything you need to achieve your best skin yet. 

Don’t have acne? This episode is still packed with value for you!

You’ll discover the secrets to taking care of your skin from the inside out, as well as the best way to achieve radiant beauty from within.

Tune in to discover how to unlock the secrets to a radiant complexion and boost your confidence from the inside out.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Why Amie decided to specialize in skin care [1:22]
  • What happens when you go on the pill early in life? [2:18]
  • Pros and cons of taking Accutane for acne [3:34]
  • Most common skin problems [5:20]
  • Psychological and physiological effects of skin problems [6:27]
  • When and when not to use cortisone creams [7:31]
  • Lifestyle and environmental factors that cause acne [9:02]
  • Most common food that triggers acne [10:21]
  • Ways to find out your food intolerances [12:20]
  • What to eat to keep healthy and clear skin [14:44]
  • How to discover which foods trigger your ance [15:44]
  • How long would a process take to discover the underlying causes of skin problems [17:25]
  • The silent killer of our day and age and plays a role in every disease - including skin problems [21:23]
  • Indirect and direct connections of hormonal imbalance to digestive function [24:54]
  • Strategies to fortify your mind and body against the external causes of stress [27:02]
  • Skin care tips and strategies to manage acne problems [31:58]
  • Why skin oils are unable to address breakouts [36:59]
  • Natural skin care products to use and avoid for glowing skin [39:03]
  • Foods that help inflammation [40:55]
  • What you can include in your diet to keep a healthy gut [43:05]
  • Recommended brands for acne-prone skin [46:35]

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