Beyond Beauty With Nik Toth

7: How To Find Your Self-Worth In A World of ‘Not-Enoughness’ | Sarina Zoe

January 03, 2023 Nik Toth Season 1 Episode 7
Beyond Beauty With Nik Toth
7: How To Find Your Self-Worth In A World of ‘Not-Enoughness’ | Sarina Zoe
Show Notes

Welcome to this week's episode of the Beyond Beauty Podcast with our guest, Sarina Zoe, The Self-Wroth Alchemist. 

Today, we'll be discussing the importance of self-worth, a value we all strive to cultivate in our lives but often struggle to do so. Low self-worth can manifest in many ways, from feeling inadequate, insecure, and not good enough, to struggling to make decisions in life.

But it doesn't have to be this way. We can all learn to embrace ourselves with love and compassion and discover our true worth. Here to help us is Sarina Zoe, who will be showing us how to dive deep into our inner selves and find our true value.

She'll provide some practical tips on nurturing our self-worth, such as cultivating positive thoughts, participating in mindfulness and yoga practice, and connecting with our higher power. 

Sarina will also share her own journey of discovering her worth, and how her experiences have informed her approaches to cultivating self-worth. Through her wisdom, we can learn the tips and tools for building self-worth that we can incorporate into our lives.

After listening to this episode, you will find that confidence is within your reach. 

We hope you enjoy this episode and that it helps you remember, it is never too late to start embracing yourself with love and compassion and discovering your true worth. 

  • Sarina’s first exposure to depression through her mother [2:30]
  • Looking for confidence in modeling [3:46]
  • When we place our value on outward appearance, we miss the whole point of confidence [4:50]
  • Is introversion a defect? [5:10]
  • Yoga can  lead you to find your untouchable beauty [6:38]
  • How to become a self-worth alchemist [7:45]
  • What confidence is NOT  [8:48]
  • Confidence doesn’t have a defined look; it can appear in different ways [10:32]
  • How to  start your journey into yoga and meditation [11:10]
  • Yoga brings you to a place that only you can access [13:44]
  • Two tools to help embody true confidence [16:55]
  • What does it feel like to have a sense of self-worth? [21:23]
  • The first step to finding your self-worth [24:05]
  • How low self-worth can show up in your life  [27:44]
  • How long Sarina became  the ‘Self-Worth Alchemist’ [30:14]
  • Sarina answers the rapid-fire questions [35:46]

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